Why choose Mac Resource?

Well for starters, Mac Resource is an authorized Apple Specialist. Apple Specialists are at the top tier of the independent dealer channel, and their primary focus is the Apple Macintosh platform. As you can imagine, our specialty is Apple, and we are the experts. And there aren’t many of us, less than 200 in the entire world! As an Apple Specialist, our goal is to become the cornerstone of the Mac using community in our region. We offer support of local users groups of all kinds, host special events for Mac users and sponsor all sorts of programs in the Huntsville area that bring people and technology together.

Today there are primarily 4 ways of buying Apple products:

Retail-chain computer superstores. Unfortunately, these superstores do not have a good reputation, nor the ability to provide adequate support services for Apple products and solutions.The general knowledge of Apple products and Apple-specific solutions found at these superstores is oftentimes lacking, making for a miserable buying experience.

Mail-order catalogs, which you have inevitably received. These companies provide less than adequate telephone support, and of course there’s no face to put with the voice. Why invest in a computer system from someone you will never meet, then take the chance of getting something that does not work correctly or does not fit your needs precisely, and deal with shipping hassles on the returns?

Apple Authorized Resellers (VARs). These guys are great, and recognize the value of Apple products. But unfortunately the majority of them do not sell ONLY Apple products, so there’s a lack of commitment and expertise invested specifically for Apple solutions.

Mac Resource sells ONLY Apple and related products, at prices that are far less expensive than the above sources. Mac Resource is a Value Added Reseller, Apple Authorized Specialist and an Apple Authorized Service Provider Plus! We are 100% Mac, 100% of the time! We sell, service, support and provide training for the Mac and Mac-related solutions. We also support and service what we sell.

Mac Resource can ship directly to your home or business as well, or you can pick up your new Macintosh from our store conveniently located on University Dr in Huntsville, AL. No gimmicks, no hassles and no false advertisements. Just great prices from people you can trust. That’s why you should count on Mac Resource for all of your computing needs!